Dec 13, 2004
Gurls Day out

           i finally got to go out yesterday with muneera..  we actually wanted to go to the gym first, but then changed our minds cos we were just plain lazy to work out..
Anyways.. we went to Northpoint at Yishun... It was the most Boring mall that i have ever set foot in.. seriously.. the shops innit were like so boring.. and then we were trying to find a neoprint shop.. because both of us never took a neoprint together.. just the two of us.

Turned out there wasnt an outlet to take one at Northpoint.. So.. Desperate to take a neoprint, we went to Causeway point which is at woodlands... it was like 6.. so it would be kinda late if we went to orchard.. Come on.. we're like 16.. and Gurls. So we can't stay out too late..

We reached causeway.. ate at KFC and then took some neoprints and left at about 8 plus.. causeway is a better mall... I bot a bracelet.. kinda nice.. yeA.. that was about tt actually

tomorrow.. im not sure wad ill be doing.. Wednesday... im gonna go fer mi chinese class and before tt gonna hang out at orchard and du some shoppin with fahm

Thursday.. friend naz is comin over to mi place.. and we're juz gonna haf loads of fun.. can't wait!

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Dec 11, 2004
My life

i dont know why but im just so lazy to update my blog.
i really have nothing to do now.. i am going to the gym with Mun today.. hopefully.. if she wakes up and does her house chores by then..
Anyways.. tomorrow i have a job interview recommended by Yujun.. one of my classmates.. its some kind of sales thing.. hopefully it will all be good.. 
Chinese class continues next wednesday as usual. Cant wait for that. At least i can learn something and not sit idle at home

i had a wonderful dream yesterday.. It was really like real.. The Dream:   I am walking along a road.. and then a computer appears in front of me.. A labtop..  And then i pick up the labtop and start chatting with this guy called ..somethng.. paul. cant remember the full name. This guy is from the united states and he is very very handsome. Suddenly he calls me and says i love you.. He starts calling me everyday and sweet talks me.

All of a sudden he is in Singapore.. He calls me and says he is going to pick me up in front of a mall.. He comes in a car which his dad is driving..
Description of the car:: AquA blue.. really really bright blue
                                  Speakers near the car doors
                                   Looks a bit like the batman car

okay. he picks me up.. AND guess what.... he bloody proposes to me. I start to cry and then when i look at him closer.. i get a shock.. he is actually my neighbour that i had last time.. a boy my age called Tan Long..                        and then before i can ask him anything.. mom wakes me up

Me and him used to be close last time..  but now i lost contact with him.. He was really a nice boy and we used to play and play non stop everyday.

Kinda miss the fun times..
anyways... thats life aint tt?

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Dec 8, 2004
Chinese Class

Yesterday was the beginning of the chinese course that my friend and i had signed up for. I must say that it was quite a wonderful experience.
The teacher is a lady from China.. and she is a very nice person..
Yesterday all of us introduced ourselves to the class of about 14 people. The class consists of working profesionals as well as students. There is a man who is from England and his friend who is from The Netherlands. Both of them are working as research Scientists.. How cool is that?
There is also a girl from Vietnam..Seems to be very nice. Oh.. there was also this over friendly guy from Thailand. When asked about why we wanted to learn mandrin.. one guy replied" I want to get a chinese girlfriend". Nice reply!

We got to learn so many things. Chinese is a very interesting language.. I got to know that there were 23 initials in chinese and 4 tones..

Found out that the tones could really change the meanings of some words. Also found out that there were different ways of how to pronounce words.. which was quite an ordeal because u had to literally do acrobatics with your tongue to get the word right.

Anyways.. overall the class was really fun. My classmates are really fun people.. the teacher is wonderful.. and everything has gone well so far. Im really looking foward for the 2 and a half hour class next week..

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Dec 6, 2004
What would i do without a phone?!

I left my house in the afternoon at about 2pm to pick up my friend from the interchange. Plans were made for both of us to just sit in our house, chill and wAtch VCDs.. It was the 2nd week of holidays and we had absolutely nothing to do.
hmm.. so everything goes okay right? Right.. Was supposed to meet her at the interchange.. but the thing was she was waiting at my LRt station.. but i didnt know that.. So there i was making my way to the interchange where i waited for her for 45 minutes.. 
And the best thing was my handphone was spoilt.. so there was no way i could contact her.. So.. i went to the nearest phone booth and tired the coin phone.
To my horror.. it wasnt working... I had not brought my wallet with me.. so i also didnt have a phone card.. So i went to a phonecard phone booth and saw a lady standing there about to make a phone call... she was with her kids..

"Aunty.. is it possible if i could use your phone card for a minute? Because the coin phone is not working.. i can pay you in coins for every minute i use." i kindly told her... She was a petite lady in her late 30s. I think she thought that i was speaking in Greek because she just gave me a stare.. and made her phonecall..     ???

So i waited..

and waited...

and waited...

20 minutes.. i swear.. GOD my legs were aching... Then... the worst possible thing happened....

She quitely crept... and i mean literally crept behind me with her kids and quickly walked away.. and i saw the whole thing through my side eye.. I just stood there and was like... "WHat??!"  @#$^

God that really sucked!

Oh yeah.. the ending.... it was a horrible day.. when i went back to my LRT station.. i used a coin phone and called her.. Turns out.... she was back at the interchange... and then i told her to come back to my station where i could meet her...

So everything turned out okay in the end...  But seriously.. this is all the shit u get when u dont bring  or have a phone with you...

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